INCLUSION SERVED WITH A SMILE: Transforming Lives Through Inclusive Employment

Our monthly employment event, a signature showcase for the talents of neurodivergent individuals, continues to change lives. Every month, Talos Foundation organizes a “happy hour” cocktail event at Museum CAFE8, a social enterprise run by The Nesbitt Centre. However, the servers at our event are not Nesbitt Centre employees. Talos Foundation recruits them from local special needs schools and given opportunities to learn F+B service skills on the job. Our servers are typically unable to access other NGO job training programs because they are either non-verbal or have higher support needs. In this article you will know more about how you can directly support our cause and join us to provide inclusive employment with Splice the Mainbrace.

Empowering Neurodiversity Employment Through Direct Engagement

Our event diverges from the norm by featuring servers recruited directly from local special needs schools in Hong Kong. We provide training and employment in F+B service to these individuals, often excluded from other NGO job training programs due to higher support needs or non-verbal status. This approach not only enhances their skills but also promotes neurodiversity employment by providing real, meaningful employment opportunities.

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed; therefore, we only require a willingness to work, no resumes or interviews! Through our monthly program, three (3) of our servers have secured meaningful employment, which they would not have accessed without this opportunity.

Meaningful Employment: Making a Tangible Impact

The “Splice the Main Brace” event, named after a cherished naval tradition by one of our founders, David Schaus, aims to blend communities — including Maritime, Veterans, and Special Needs — into a single, inclusive gathering. This event is more than just a social hour; it’s a life-changing platform where every additional guest means more opportunities for our servers. All are welcome to attend. The open bar is sponsored by the monthly corporate sponsor who also pays the wages of our servers.

By attending, corporate or individual sponsors contribute directly to the wages of these servers, thereby endorsing inclusive employment practices. The more guests we have, the more servers we need. The more servers we need, the more lives we change! It’s an inexpensive and high impact way for companies and individuals to change lives immediately.

Join Us and Support Inclusive Employment in Hong Kong

We invite you to support this cause by attending our events every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at Museum CAFE8. Each event not only supports the inclusion of neurodivergent individuals but also helps change lives one server at a time. For those interested in becoming a sponsor and making an immediate impact, please contact [email protected].

Mark your calendars and join us to champion neurodiversity and inclusive employment in Hong Kong. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many!

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