Our Community Awareness Programs include wide and free distribution of Talos Foundation Lanyards, buttons and other products, community education and impactful Community/Corporate partnerships.

Our lanyards and buttons are free of charge and are available at distribution points around Hong Kong. Thanks to our generous distribution partners and donors, we are able to easily scale distribution and to make the products widely available and recognizable to our communities to increase awareness.

Our scalable community education programs include free, bitesize multilingual video programs that educate the public on neurodiversity and those with disabilities that may not be visible to raise awareness, acceptance and inclusion. Our community/corporate partnerships are impactful programs that raise awareness and change mindsets by bringing together companies and the community to effect change.


Partner with us

The Talos Foundation is thrilled to partner with local businesses, schools, superhero volunteers and NGOs who will have a supply of lanyards and stickers, free of charge, at their locations for pickup.